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Marketing and staying afloat during COVID.

Mindset is the foundation and key to igniting your potential. In a world where stress, challenges, restrictions and limitations are prominent, it is extremely important to work with it and not against it. It is easy to fall victim to fear and stress. Focus on your game. Focus on your goals and get to work. It is a daily practice but you can do this. We are happy to have a beverage and talk through this with you. There are a few points below. Some seem pretty obvious but there is much more to each point. Your business, environment, personal situation and other factors all play an influencing role on the ultimate plan.

1) Stay connected to your customers

2) Stay relevant

3) Don't be afraid to change - gotta think outside the box

4) People are craving - feed the cravings

5) Be genuine

6) Develop trust

7) Connect with people through your brand (different than stay connected)

8) What can you do to help? (Community)

9) Work your reviews and advocates


Happy to have a chat! Hit us up and we will get to work.


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